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About us

Curry on the Rocks, located at 18, 10 Enterprise Avenue, Two Rocks WA, offers you the delightful tastes of authentic Indian cuisine without the need to step out of your front door. Our expansive menu includes a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes mixed with a lively blend of modern favourites. Popular choices from the Curry on the Rocks menu include (among others) Paneer Shaslik, Butter Chicken, Saag Gost, Prawn Malabar and a wide variety of vegetarian meals like Saag Paneer, Kadahi Paneer and Dhal Makhani. Order your Curry on the Rocks now by clicking the ORDER ONLINE button and then either pick it up in store or let us deliver directly to your front door.


59 reviews


"Excellent food. Delivery was a little late, had to call the restaurant to confirm they got our order."


"Great food. Actually arrived hot."